Business Law

Business Formation, Planning, Sale, Purchase


Business Formation, Planning, Sale, Purchase

You are starting a business from the inception – should you incorporate?  Or would forming an Limited Liability Company be more appropriate?   You and your brother are about to make an offer to purchase a restaurant – should you hire a lawyer?  Do you need a partnership agreement? You are about to embark on an exciting venture – where your blood, sweat and tears will produce the fruits of your labor.  You need to make prudent and intelligent business decisions – you need the advice and counsel of an experienced attorney.

Attorney Rich Kalinowski takes great pride in ensuring that every client receives personal attention and is treated with kindness and respect.  Attorney Kalinowski will take the time to explain the entire process with a personable and relaxed  demeanor and transform a potentially stressful venture into an exciting welcome experience.  Attorney Kalinowski has gained the trust and respect of an extended family of clients and their referrals.  Call Attorney Kalinowski for a free and personal consultation.

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