Estate Administration

Probate and Administration With or Without a Will



Probate and Administration With or Without a Will

When you lose a loved one, you may need guidance to help you navigate through the complicated maze in administering the estate.  Whether the estate is large or small - simple or complicated - which may include real estate, life insurance, bank or retirement accounts, stock, bonds, antiques, collectibles,  you need to touch all the right bases to settle the estate properly.  The Probate laws of Massachusetts have been amended to provide for a more economical approach to administer an estate.  Attorney Richard Kalinowski offers years of experience in estate administration and provides a detailed explanation to  clients in straightforward language - where time is of the essence and money should not to be wasted.

Attorney Kalinowski treats every client with dignity and professionalism yet with an understanding and a compassionate demeanor. Call Attorney Kalinowski for a free and informative consultation.

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